ResetSend Workshops

ResetSend takes you through a series of mindset, breathing, body-work, and movement lessons revealing how interconnected the mind and body are, and how you can "reset" your nervous system to improve climbing control, strength and power.

You will come away from this workshop with a better understanding of your body, and a toolkit and philosophy which will impact your climbing, training, and approach to life.

Workshop Booking

Tom Herbert (aka "usefulcoach") is a freelance movement and strength coach, performance and change nutritionist, who has worked with a number of Team GB climbers, and co-hosts the "ClimbSci Podcast".

Workshop Schedule

  • Sun 29/07/2018 (13:00-16:30): The Biscuit Factory. Arch Climbing Wall. London. SE16 4DG.
    Launch price £40.00 (normally £50.00). Entrance fee is included. Free tea / coffee.

Defend less, Climb More

Optimal performance comes through the use of your primary muscles immediately, without compensatory muscle tension, and leaking power into the neighbouring structures.

ResetSend will teach you some of the latest muscle / nervous system activation techniques along with a philosophy and practice that will impact both your climbing and world-view.

For more information on activation see: Be Activated (Douglas Heel) / Reflexive Performance Reset® (RPR)®

When I agreed to meet tom, I didn't really know what to expect. After a bit of getting to know each other and more about how the mind and body works together. It interested me not only as a climber but for everyday life. We went through all different types of mind and body movements and stretches, exercises and muscle fascia releases. Which gave me a huge insight into how the body works and how I can get the most out of it. What also interested me was how simply adjusting your breathing and the way in which you walk can affect your overall confidence and mood. Afterwards when climbing I felt more aware of my body movements. I would recommend this course to anybody not only climbers. All what I have learnt will help me in my development in the GB climbing team. Tom is so knowledgeable and awesome and I could not recommend him more.
Kenneth Ellacott, 2018 Team GB Paraclimber

During the workshop you will learn…

  • How your thoughts impact your physical performance within seconds
  • How if you are defending yourself, you cannot perform maximally
  • How your brain maps your body, and what happens when you "reset" these maps
  • How you can imediately change your nervous system state impacting muscular flexibility, strength, and power
  • How best to prepare for and maximise your climbing training and performance, and minimise the risk of future injuries
  • Techniques currently used with Olympic / World Class athletes and sports teams

Workshop Format (~3.5 hours)

The first 2 hours of the workshop I take you through a series of "before and after" interventions, explorations, and movement lessons where we continually ask the question: "Is anything different?"

You then grab a free tea / coffee and you climb for an hour, noticing if indeed "anything is different" with your body, movement and climbing performance.

Finally we return to together for 15-30 minutes to share any feedback, discoveries, and to answer any questions you may have.

Expectations / What to Bring

The workshop is available to all climbers of any level and ability. This is not a workout, nor even the intensity of a yoga class. The only requirement is patience and curiosity.

Much of the workshop will be done lying on the floor, yoga mats will be supplied, but feel free to bring your own. Due to the slow low-intensity nature of the class, please wear light movable but warm climbing or sports clothes. You may get cold just wearing shorts and a vest. Since climbing is involved, do bring your climbing shoes, or you can hire from the centre.

If you arrive early, please do not climb beforehand and there is no need for any warm-up or preparation. The focus of the workshop is learning more about your body, and how to prepare it for movement, exercise, and ultimately climbing.