Pole Dance Sport and Physique Nutrition Coaching

Bespoke pole dance sport and physique nutrition coaching for pole athletes looking to optimise their body-composition, training, recovery, and performance.

I provide nutrition coaching for amateur and professional level rock climbers, and understand the complexity of supporting world class athletes with their body-composition goals whilst maintaining their training output, recovery, and ultimately optimising their performance on the wall.

When I took up pole dance, I began to think about the similarities and differences between climbing nutrition and the specific considerations for pole athletes. No doubt the body-composition profiles are more varied than climbers, but the supporting nutritional science and practice remain the same.

Depending on the person, the desire for a better strength-to-weight ratio, and optimising physique (fat loss, muscle gain) may enhance their practice and performance. Eating habits are often influenced by these desires, and can impact training output, recovery, and performance if not handled wisely.

Athletes are often unaware of how powerful they could feel if they ate appropriately for their sport, not spending the majority of their time avoiding certain foods (e.g. carbohydrate) and / or chronically chasing weight-loss. For pole athletes there is the added desire of physique aesthetic within a subset of the community.

Fat-loss and performance gains are not mutually exclusive goals, and can be achieved with the right nutrition strategies. And though losing fat may not be the desire for some, periodised context specific sports nutrition is effective, and enables you to train harder, recover better, and perform at your very peak.

  • Remote professional bespoke nutrition coaching
  • The fastest fat-loss with least performance impact
  • Augmenting pole and physique training
  • Supporting joint and flexibility training
  • Competition prep and event feeding strategies
  • Supplementation guidance
  • Speeding up injury recovery
  • Transitioning from previous diets (LCHF / Keto)

If you have the will and dedication, I am able to help you get into the best shape of your life, and support you in getting the best out of your pole training and performance.

If you are interested in chatting about how I could help you, contact me on: tom@useful.coach

Dependable Professional Experience

Though may current experience with pole dancers and athletes is limited to date, I provide the following as reference:

  • Accredited Anti-Doping Advisor (UKAD)
  • Certified: International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)
  • Currently work with a handful of professional Team GB climbers and paraclimbers, providing nutrition coaching during the off-season, competition preparation, isolation feeding strategies, and have been consulted within hours of competing in the Bouldering World Championships.
  • Working with paraclimber who is managing Ehlers–Danlos syndromes (EDS), Postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), using gluten-free, FODMAP and higher sodium diet to best support her climbing performance and recovery.
  • Co-host the ClimbSci Podcast - Better Climbing Through Science with Brian Rigby (Climbing Nutrition), which can be found on iTunes and other podcast software.

Client Reviews

You can understand more about how I work by reading some recent client reviews.

Pole Nutrition Coaching (12 Weeks)

£400.00 / 12 Weeks

12 weeks (minimum) completely bespoke periodised pole and physique nutrition coaching.

You are paying for a dedicated personal nutrition coach to support, advise and guide you each week towards your pole and body-composition goals. International clients welcome, programming and support are provided remotely.

Included with program:

  • Food journal evaluation and nutrition report
  • Context specific perodised meal guidance and nutrition targets
  • Context specific perodised supplementation recommendations
  • Slack.com account for direct correspondence
  • Body-composition tracking and graphing
  • Nutrition tracking web / mobile app

During our initial meeting (online or in-person) we discuss your goals, concerns, eating habits, training and schedule. You keep a food journal of your typical week, and we chat again to look over your nutrition report, and discuss my initial recommendations.

Going forward, I have no bias towards any particular diet strategy, but work with you to establish the most effective means of maintaining progress towards improved health, performance, and your target body-composition goals.

I am with you the whole way through the process, continually looking over your nutrition tracking, body-composition data, and communicating with you directly. You have direct access to me to ask anything during the program. My coaching is completely bespoke, you are not simply buying templated meal plans, macronutrient targets, and left alone to figure it out yourself. You are paying for a coach.

I take into account your current health, lifestyle, food choices, and eating habits, helping you get the most out of your pole and physique training often simply by adjusting what you already do habitually.

Life is complex and I want to help you reach your goals with the most achievable effort and time efficiency on your part.

If you are interested in chatting about how I could help you, contact me on: tom@useful.coach

What I expect from clients

If you are interested in working with me, I want you to understand the level of commitment needed for the program:

  • You are required to log your meals daily for as long as it takes to develop intuitive eating habits. This level of accountability is essential to the process, and will vary in relation to your overall goal. The higher the goal, the stricter we need to be.
  • You are required to log your weight daily, take circumference measurements weekly, and take photos every two weeks. If you are uncomfortable with this or this level of measurement may be unproductive, then we will discuss a different level of tracking.
  • You are required to communicate and provide honest feedback throughout the whole process. I am not simply giving you a plan and leaving you alone. I want to understand you, your training, and your sport, and work with you to achieve your goals.
  • Everything can be changed except accountability. It is my job to figure out what works best for you as an individual. However you have to commit to the process. The better I understand your level of commitment and compliance, the better I can make choices to help you get to where you want to be.

If you are interested in chatting about how I could help you, contact me on: tom@useful.coach

Pole Nutrition Coaching (Redux)

£100.00 / 6 Weeks

Following on from an initial coaching above, programming and support can continue in repeating 6 week blocks as a means to adjust or change strategy.

This is ideal if you are moving from one training block to another (e.g. strength phase to competition preparation phase), or having reached a specific focused goal (e.g. fat loss), and are now wanting to switch direction (e.g. maximal training and performance output).

I have a small handful of long-term clients who I provide rolling monthly coaching and support the throughout a specific training or performance season, or whole year round.

Nutrition Consultation

£50.00 / 1 Hour

For those who are NOT existing coaching clients; if you would like an hour of my time to ask me about anything nutrition related, please contact me. Happy to chat over the phone, or video call.

For existing coaching clients, consultation is included in your package.

If you are interested in chatting about how I could help you, contact me on: tom@useful.coach