Personal Training: Movement Strength Conditioning (MSC)

East London, Docklands (Canary Wharf) based personal training, strength and conditioning coaching, corrective exercise, Be Activated, Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), nervous system control, breathing, mindset coaching.

I don't want to exercise you for money, we both don't have the time for that.

I do however want to coach you, come alongside you, push you, and help you realise how strong and resilient you can become.

I also have the integrity, experience, and nutritional science knowledge to tell you that a few hard sweaty sessions in the gym are not going to have much impact on your body-composition or fat-loss goals. It simply doesn't work like that.

However, I will show you that by consistancy, focusing on performance, and eating in such a way to support your training, your world-view and view of yourself will change, and this will have a dramatic impact on your ongoing lifestyle choices, all driving you to achieve the body-composition you want.

It would be my pleasure to help you realise what you are capable of.

If you are interested in chatting about how I could help you, contact me on:

Movement Strength Conditioning (MSC)

Dependant on length, sessions generally follows the format of:

  • Homework review (if applicable)
  • Breathing practice, hands on body-work, muscle activation
  • Mobility, body awareness, movement exploration, corrective exercise
  • Training block: stability, strength, power, conditioning
  • Focused flexibility
  • Homework assignment (if applicable)

Assessment Session

  • MSC Assessment (90): £50.00 / 90 minutes

Our initial session is 90 minutes, allowing us the time to assess where you currently are with your strength and fitness. We look at a number of movement patterns, exercises, and discuss where you may be lacking ability, and what your goals are.

From this assessment session, we then decide the best way forward: number of training sessions, length (60,90,120 minutes), frequency, and if applicable how to structure your own training around our in-person training sessions.

Single Sessions

  • MSC Coaching (60): £60.00 / 60 Minutes
  • MSC Coaching (90): £70.00 / 90 Minutes
  • MSC Coaching (120): £80.00 / 120 Minutes

Discounted Packages

  • 3 Sessions
    • UC3X60: £165.00 (£55.00)
    • UC3X90: £195.00 (£65.00)
    • UC3X120: £225.00 (£75.00)
  • 6 Sessions
    • UC6X60: £300.00 (£50.00)
    • UC6X90: £360.00 (£60.00)
    • UC6X120: £420.00 (£70.00)

If you are interested long-term regular weekly sessions, I am happy to discuss further discount.

Gym Location

Unless otherwise arranged, all coaching / personal training sessions are held at:

BETTER: Tiller Leisure Centre
Tiller Road
E14 8PX
Tel: 020 7987 5211
(Google Map)

Pay-as-You-Go or BETTER monthly membership is required for gym entry, and not included in the coaching session price. Please check BETTER for current fees.

Please note that sessions are programmed to maximise the use of the time scheduled. Please arrive early enough to be ready to start on time. Contact me directly to change or cancel any scheduled sessions, cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice may incur the full session charge.

Freelance CYQ L3 Personal Trainer, Enhanced DBS checked, CIMSPA registered, fully insured, GLL gym licensed under YPT Management.

Movement Strength Conditioning (MSC) + Professional Nutrition Coaching

If you are interested in working with me in both a training and nutrition coaching capacity, please contact me to discuss a discounted bespoke package.

If you are interested in chatting about how I could help you, contact me on: