Climbing Physical Preparedness (CPP)

Preparatory adjunct movement, strength and conditioning training for climbing.

Climbing Physical Preparedness (CPP) is preparatory adjunct training for climbers. It is not climbing coaching, but movement, strength and conditioning coaching to improve your base physical ability for climbing.

As a climber you may often repeat the same movement patterns, work within body weight training loads, and may forgo different planes of motion.

CPP sessions are focused on removing limitations in push, pull, rotational, contralateral, and offset patterns. We work together on your breath, body awareness, stability, mobility, flexibility, coordination and control; building strength across the full range of joint motion, muscle action phase, increasing your confidence, and power output.

For new climbers: CPP will provide you the foundational physical ability to compliment your new skill learning, allowing you to progress quicker and prevent the development of poor exercise technique.

For experienced climbers: we work together to figure out how to break through any plateaus, working alongside your climbing specific programming or coaching, taking into account residual training effects, and figuring out how best to complement you weekly climbing blocks.

CPP Assessment

£50.00 / 120 Minutes

Our initial 120 minute session is all about assessing and discussing where you currently are. I take you through a number of movement patterns, strength, control, and flexibility tests, and we discuss where you think you are lacking ability, what may be limiting your climbing progression, and what we could focus on going forward.

CPP 6:3 Program

£420.00 / 6 x 120 minute

Following the CPP Assessment, I take you through a 6 week / 3 phase training program, with each 2 hour gym based session consisting of:

  • Homework review (if applicable)
  • Breathing practice, hands on body-work, muscle activation
  • Mobility, body awareness, movement exploration, corrective exercise
  • Training block: stability, strength, power, conditioning
  • Focused flexibility
  • Homework assignment (if applicable)

Included with program:

  • Data tracking / graphing in Google Sheets
  • account for all correspondence

Payment may be paid in full upfront, or split and paid before each session.

CPP 6:3 Continued

After the first CPP 6:3 program block, training can continue with a new 6 week / 3 phase block, new exercises, new homework, and further focused development.

£420.00 / 6 x 120 Minutes

If you would like to regular training going forward, discounted block packages are available.


Enquiries / Booking: Tom Herbert (

Training Location: Tiller Leisure Centre, Tiller Road, Docklands, London, E14 8PX