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Tom Herbert is a London based performance nutritionist, movement strength and conditioning coach, and educational speaker. His focus is on coaching individuals wanting to optimise their breathing, mindset, health, body-composition and performance.

Providing in-person and remote climbing nutrition coaching to international amateur and world-class professional climbers including a number of Team GB athletes. Personal Training, Climbing Strength and Conditioning, and Be Activated / RPR hands-on body-work facilitating breathing and nervous system response to optimise performance and reduce injury. Running ResetSend Workshops teaching a toolkit and philosophy which will impact your climbing, training, and approach to life.

Host of ClimbSci, an evidence-based webcast promoting better climbing through science. Host of the upcoming Reflexive Performance Reset® (RPR)® webcast interviewing RPR coaches who go out of their way to help their athletes thrive. Previously interviewing practitioners via the usefulcoach webcast.

Coaching people to #beuseful.

Strength that has effort in it is not what you need; you need the strength that is the result of ease. — Ida P. Rolf PhD.

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To mitigate internet ‘kipple’ and for reasons of coaching, climbing or being generally more useful outside of writing website copy; if there is something posted below, it’s probably an interesting read.

I enjoy long walks, longer sentences, and am a serial user of the Oxford comma.